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Join us for an uplifting
social evening dedicated to play, relaxation and creative fun! 

If you're looking to catch up with your leading ladies but another dinner or pub night just doesn't feel inspiring, we've got something special in store for you.


Take a pleasure pause and revel in the delightful experience of jewelry making, together with friends!  Our socials give you time for connecting and creating.


Whether you just want to catch up with your girlfriends or are looking to meet some fresh friendly faces, we've got you covered!


Join us at cozy Press Room Cafe, and experience our warm and inviting social community for fun, friendship and creativity.

The therapeutic benefits of crafting with friends include decreased stress,

increased happiness and improved mental wellness

Source - UK Study:

Unleash Your Creative Magic

When's the last time you made something by hand? It's a fabulous feeling to express your creativity by making jewelry. We love to make things because it feels good!

Spark Your Imagination

Make a gorgeous pair of earrings choosing from a stunning array of design choices. Create something entirely original or choose from our many design samples. We have lots of inspiration and examples to spark your imagination.

Improve Health
& Happiness

It's easy to forget that we need a break from our endless responsibilities and busy lives.

Play isn't a luxury, it's essential for our happiness.

Enjoy Your
Social Life

Spending time with friends is vital to our happiness. And doing something fun together just increases the bond.

Enjoy hands-on

Bored from too much scrolling? Take a digital retreat with some hands-on fun and genuine in-person connecting.

Easily Make Beautiful Jewelry

We've made jewelry making easy to do and you'll be amazed at what you'll make with your own two hands!


I'm Pamela, founder of Gem Collective. Over the past 30 years I have spent countless pleasurable hours making jewelry. I always felt so alive and engaged trying out new designs, playing with combinations of different colors, shapes and textures. And it never got old.

I especially enjoyed inviting my supposedly 'uncreative' friends over and watching them have the same happy experience. We would sit around the dining room table and I'd bring out my many trays of jewelry components. We would play around with different design combinations and while we made our jewelry, we had fun catching up with each other. It was leisurely and bonding. There's something inherently nourishing about women crafting together.

I wanted to share this with a wider group of women and had been doing the cafe jewelry socials for about a year prior to the pandemic. It was a dream come true to have us gather togethere, get in the creative groove and see how happy it made the girls making a fabulous piece of jewelry.


It's the combination of all the elements - the feeling of community and happy vibe of enthusiastic women dedicated to an evening of play and fun, doing something creative together and the satisfaction of making something with our own two hands that make the the jewelry socials such a positive experience. 


I'm genuinely looking forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful experience with you.

Jewelry Social ($100 Value)

Free Gem Collective Ring ($20 Value)

Jewelry Gift Bag
A Night Of Fun & A Chance To Meet New Friends (Priceless!)


Total Value: $120

Book today  FOR ONLY: $45

Here's What's Included When You Book Today:

Press Room Cafe
1778 Columbia St Vancouver

Held on Wednesdays
starting Oct 26th, 7-9 pm


Hurry, seats are limited to 30 guests

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*we'll have your choice of rings waiting for you at the event

Offer expires Oct 24/22



I loved every minute of the social. It was amazing to just let my creative juices flow while also having great conversation and support from others. I definitely recommend! 


I went to a Gem Collective social and it turned out to be a really fun & relaxing evening. It's easy to make your own jewelry. There was a wide selection of items to choose from and I get compliments all the time. I will be going again!


Lovely to meet new people in a creative, fun way. Beautiful jewelry, pleasant atmosphere, and helpful leadership by Pamela. I would highly recommend this social evening for women looking to release their creative energies. It is a great opportunity to make a hand-made gift for yourself or someone special.

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