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Inspire Your Birthday Party

604 621 1597

Looking for a birthday party celebration that is fun-filled, unique and memorable? We've got you covered!

Making trendy jewelry is about having fun, getting creative, and enjoying each other's company.


Held at your venue or home - we'll bring the fun and an amazing array of jewelry supplies for you and your friends to create custom jewelry perfect for your style and taste.


Get the girls together and celebrate with creative
Jewelry-Making Fun!

Unleash Your Creative Magic

When's the last time you made something by hand? It's a fabulous experience to express your creativity by making jewelry. It feels sooo good to make something!

Spark Your Imagination
Easily Make Fabulous Jewelry

We've made jewelry making easy to do and you'll be amazed at what you'll make with your own two hands!


I loved every minute of the social. It was amazing to just let my creative juices flow while also having great conversation and support from others. I definitely recommend! 


I went to a Gem Collective social and it turned out to be a really fun & relaxing evening. It's easy to make your own jewelry. There was a wide selection of items to choose from and I get compliments all the time. I will be going again!


 Beautiful jewelry, pleasant atmosphere, and helpful leadership by Pamela. I would highly recommend this event for women looking to release their creative energies.

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