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Enjoy this beautiful life.


One of the beautiful things in life is people making genuine connections. In our fast-paced society, women often struggle to find the time to connect with one another. Gem Collective was created to bring women together through the art of jewelry making. More than just making pretty things we’re proud to wear, our vision is to encourage women to share and enjoy each other’s presence. A good glass of wine, a hearty laugh, a memory made – these are some of the beautiful moments

that make life so good.


Owner and founder of Gem Collective, Pamela Dennison

GEM Values




Authentic connections are what drives us to do what we do. We strive to create a relaxed and welcoming place where women can connect. We encourage all our guests to leave their preconceived notions at the door and freely engage in the creative process in a judgement-free environment. 



We aim to show you how easy creating beautiful jewelry can be. Whether it’s your first time holding a pair of pliers or you’re a seasoned pro, we make the process easy. Our approachable hosts are never far away to answer your questions and ensure that you'll go home with a georgeous piece of jewelry.



Our best compliment is seeing the smiling faces and laughter of our guests. More than learning a new skill, it’s the memories and connections made that we value. From the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful jewelry, and the good company, our goal is to make your next jewelry making social something you’ll be talking about for a long time after.

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